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Freiburg events

Suggestions from your favorite hotel in Freiburg im Breisgau

Culinary delights in Freiburg can be a true experience. Have you ever had a full-course meal in absolute darkness? Dinner in the dark is a popular event and definitely a very special experience for the senses.


Or you can stay in daylight and enjoy the wines from Baden with a view of the Münster. (Our tip: check what the Special Deals of the Hotel am Stadtgarten have to offer in this respect). The region around Freiburg is blessed with sunshine - that is why the vines grow so excellently and why the people of Freiburg cherish its products: not only during the wine festival in the summer, but also at the Haus der badischen Weine [house of wines of the Baden region] and at the Alte Wache on the square in front of the cathedral.



Freiburg - enjoyment to the fullest

If you really like it, clap your hands! Freiburg has many things to applaud: artist & celebrities at the concert hall, bands at the jazz house, actors at the theaters in the city, and great show acts that can be found at the Freiburg fair grounds, which is only 2.5 km away from your favorite hotel in Baden-Württemberg - the Hotel am Stadtgarten. The fair grounds are also the meeting point for industry specialists and the public at the various trade fairs held in Freiburg, like the Baden Messe, which offers crafts and trade exhibitions.


The Freiburg night life will also delight you. Start at the Café-Bar-Lounge of the centrally located Hotel am Stadtgarten. And then? Hop from bar to bar, dance at the clubs in the Black Forest metropolis, for example at the trendy club Qu. What do you feel like doing? Just ask the young team at the Design Hotel for suggestions for your exciting night life …


Root for your team & cheer them on!

Woohoo! Whenever the SC Freiburg scores a goal, the soccer fans go wild. Join the Freiburg fans for a national league game at the stadium - the excitement of the fans is only 4 km away from the Hotel am Stadtgarten. Of course, you are also allowed to sit on the bleachers reserved for the fans of the opposing team, should “your team” play against Freiburg.


Or would you prefer to be cheered on yourself? Then join in and run the renown Freiburg Marathon that leads through the streets of the beautiful Black Forest Metropolis.



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